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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Glam Up With Gabriella Lascano

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                 During Fashion Week Weekend did you hear about “Glam Up” with Gabriella Lascano?  Wine and conversation while getting a blow out or styled curls to your unique personality all at the lavish exclusive hair salon The Club By Dominik Mager.  

                 The purpose was to bring all stylish women together to network, celebrate your curves while getting pampered, and learning killer pointers, on how to highlight and contour your face fiercely from YouTube make-up Guru Gabriella.  Different woman gathered from many fields as authors, bloggers, signed models, unsigned models, makeup artists, hairstylists and fashionistas, all traits wanted to learn more and more about fashion and the industry.

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                The atmosphere was urban with photos of music entertainment legends such as Biggie, Prince, Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson plastered beautifully around the salon.  With cozy seating with an exquisite memorized bar in the back featured with every girl's best friend fruits, chocolates, and wine with pop rocks. Dominik Manger and his staff were taking in every woman that walked in, curled and or styled. Everyone for free!  Yes for free ! 20170219_125519.jpg

                Dominik showed his skills and his elite staff members such as Master Stylist Soraya Lowman as well. They transformed everyone including myself instantly from Gabriella`s make-up highlighting tips to Dominik's secret curling skills.  All ladies got to mingle with each other, to share their stories and experiences. Author Charell Strong of newly unreleased bookNappy By Nature came to support the movement of woman empowerment & beauty. She discussed her struggles and obstacles that she has overcome to get her to the place of peace and comfort. Also, to be able to release her first published book. She share her story as a woman who is different from what society says she should portray to be.  She wants to share the power of accepting your curls and size. She presented a small showing of her book and had a book release party just this past weekend. Charell is an amazing public figure, donating all her raffle ticket funds to charity non-profit organizations such as Peek-a boo Pretty Girl Foundation, in support of young women empowerment movement.

               Dominik shows hearty support with this powerful movement since his launch of The Club 7 months ago.  He joined forces with young girls who were willing to cut their hair off to support cancer patients and donated their hair. Dominik took part in honoring those cuts per child that honored woman with cancer. ”Donate your hair! In support of breast cancer awareness month.  We are hosting a hair donation drive. We would really appreciate your help in spreading the word with regards to this amazing cause.  We already had some brave little kids and adults donate to this cause, and hope to continue to  have the community support in this event!”

gabby n model.JPG
Gabriella & Model Frankie T.
Gabriella Lascano rocked a Rue 107 design collaborated up with her team and styled Gabriella in a amber body suit with a wine color Blake skirt. Rue 107 is known for styling empowered celebrities such as Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj. Gabriella has turned heads amongst most companies and agencies. She wanted to eagerly accomplish what she stated in Galore Magazine, “I felt that I never saw anyone like me in the industry and I wanted to be the voice and representation for women who looked like me." ... and that’s what she did. This celebration was a milestone of what she can now do and give back as a true representative of the thick girl community!

AN: What gave you the drive to want to blog and host your YouTube channel consistently?

GL: I've always worked out of Mac or Sephora.  After awhile I freelanced and did my own thing, but no matter what, people would ask me to just blog and to share my secrets on fashion and makeup so I finally started in 2010 on YouTube with just uploading different content to YouTube then my own blog site.

AN: What goal you would like to accomplish within the Fashion/ Plus Size Industry?

GL: Honestly , my goal is to prevent cattiness amongst us woman. Like, I understand jealousy is a feeling that may occur but we are ladies.  We can direct that feeling to love to create accomplishments with another person, to then become a partnership. I wish we loved each other more and I could pass my confidence like it's contagious to make other women empower each other.

AN: What gave you the idea to want to have a Glam Up event?

GL: During Fashion Week last year, I was there trying to develop content for my blog and it was just amazing. I met different people to network with and trade information with. I just love when women can come together and build and empower one another. From Full Figure Fashion Week, I met Found Eddie of DE 1989 PR who were more than gracious enough to come together and have a event to glamorize my followers. Who look for me to show them the latest trends that work and a confident builder.  From either my make-up tutorials or my favorite outfits from forever 21, Boohoo, Lane Bryant, and Avenue.

AN: Looking back from your first blog to now, what were your most exciting accomplishments?

GL: When it comes to makeup I began freelancing after sometime and I was persistent to having clients and booking opportunities at one point everything wasn't so glamorous. Dascha Poncho from Orange is the New Black posted she need a Makeup artist I commented and surprisingly she gave me the okay. I was so happy I actually put myself out there because that one gig turned into others. Going to fashion week for more than blogging I’ve seen my idol Adrienne Bailon up close in person. I am just thinking as a Latina, I idolize her and to just be in the aroma of other celebrities for what I loved I knew this was definitely an exciting accomplishment.  I got a deal that meant everything to me,  Avenue decided to give me my own collection.  Avenue to me is bigger than the majority of today's plus size establishment that were here from the beginning so for them to notice me, and my blogs it was such a honor to work with them, for me to actually have my own Avenue Gabriella Lascano - Closet Collection was just overly flattering. It feels good to be recognized and not being signed to a agency but just I do what I love with the activities I love”
-Scroll pass the pictures to view the Video of Gabriella Lascano's "NYC Meet-Up".

Model Kamaile & Gabriella
stylinng (2).JPG

Owner Dominik Mager styling Alexa

Founder of DE1989Co
Frankie T. & Ashley Nicole

Model Alexa Phelece

Master Stylist Soraya Lowman
Arthur of Nappy by Nature

my best friend Michelle

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