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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Swim Classy

   CEO Milly G. Carmona of Swim Classy which is a unique Swimsuit online store made by the everyday woman for the everyday woman. All their photos are strictly unedited aside from lighting. Aside from that, they do not modify the body or enhance the face. All of our models are everyday women with healthy habits. This is to promote body positivity around the Social Media world and create a movement to show that we ladies are proud of our bodies and will not let social media affect the way we feel about ourselves!

Instead of body shaming swim classy is like a safe heaven to show your sexy. I realize in many inspirational stories young women were body shamed for being to skinny or not having enough curves. But, for me and majority of the plus size community we feel the same shame for the opposite reason. Why does this occur? If being to skinny isn't cute and being to big isn't sexy then what is ....?? Why do we honestly allow society and false advertisement allow us to dictate what beauty is.
one Swim Classy Lover shared:

"From elementary to middle school I was always picked on and bullied for being too skinny and pretty much having no shape. I recall one instance during my middle school dance class a girl (who shall remain nameless) asked me, “Why do you wear a bra, you don’t have any boobs,” in front of the entire dance class. As a young girl who developed later than most girls, that comment was extremely hurtful and embarrassing. I believe when you’re young every child wants to fit in to a certain degree and when you are young self-confidence & positive body image is important to self-esteem. Now it is crazy to see those same girls who bullied me and how different their appearances are in our 20’s. I could have taken the stance, do unto others as they do unto you, but God says, “He will never put more on you than you can bear.” I made it through depression and feeling ugly and they did not break me they made me stronger. Now, I make it a point to uplift my little cousins especially when it comes to body image because I know how it feels to have a negative body mindset.

Swim Classy recently decided to branch off into the plus size industry with @auaulyn as their leading ladies as of recently they added your very own Ashley Nicole to be Swim Classy Promoter and represent the Plus Size community.

"Exciting news babes! "Love Game" is now available in size XL. ❤️ We've been working really hard to cater to all women of all shapes and sizes to promote our #loveyourself campaign, and it truly hurts us to hear our suits can't fit certain ladies who are XL- XXXL.   As a small company it is not in our budget (yet) to expand ALL our suits to XL, but as we grow, we are taking it one step at a time to cater to women of all shapes and sizes! Just know we are 100% committed to providing suits to bodies of all sizes, it will take time but it will happen! We will hopefully release more plus sizes more frequently as we grow our brand ❤️ thank you ladies for your endless love @and support!"

                        When I realized I needed to practice loving myself I slowly began to honestly feel the power of self love. Regardless of the stares and the disrespect of people treating me invisible, I found care from my own mind that was more than enough because that love, laughter & care that I treated myself with meant no one could break me down regardless of what they felt.  It just became their problem not mine.  I remember being in swimsuit, I knew I couldn't wear a bikini, but I truly always acted like a "skinny girl" I pretend I could wear anything my peers wore, however a little girl who was chunky and Spanish said she love the way I just give off my confidence to people, the I don't care what I look like vibe. That made her feel better knowing she could grow to be more confident her mother even said thank you for talking to my daughter.  I thought it was so cute she was adorable however I felt weird, or maybe even shy of the fact I show I don't care what people say attitude. Peers would say "your so pretty you actually pulled that off".  Why do I have to be a cute plus size girl.  I'm just cute.  In that moment, I realized I want others to just feel young and intelligent.  The goal is to be what you want not to fit in a box and let people discourage you.  I did allow people to consider diming my light but quickly learned those negative folks are the same ones who allowed other to dim their light.   The goal is to shine bright like a diamond build others up and share you light for the better of our children future (literally the kids are our future).  I also realized I allowed society dictate that being plus size wasn't something completely beautiful. I felt shy about me but I could tell the next person their fabulous but not love me like I love them!  When I began treating myself to what I love like packages (online obsessions) working out to trap music, going out to events, meeting awesome fabulous women and shriving for what I want with a plan in place, as a young vibrate women I knew nothing wasn't possible. 💋💋

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To read some inspiring stories about the #SwimClassy movement check out the hashtag #SwimClassySearch. You can also click here and you can see our many swim classy promoters in their swimsuits and tell their stories.

Shop Swim Classy use Discount Code ANICOLE  for a 25% discount click here

Do you relate? Tell me your story !!

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