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Behind the Scene of Diva Kurves Calendar shoot: Month of JUNE Edition

     If its not December♐ than its defiantly June for me ! In honor of  JUNE coming to a close why not give you the scoop on what really ...

Friday, June 23, 2017

Behind the Scene of Diva Kurves Calendar shoot: Month of JUNE Edition

     If its not December♐ than its defiantly June for me ! In honor of  JUNE coming to a close why not give you the scoop on what really happen at my photo shoot. If you know anything about  The Diva Kurves Calendar you know its the sexiest plus calendar out. Any themed of sexy & the thick community then you know The Diva Kurves Collection.

Designer Francie Maupin, clothes are a must need in your closet for those days you want to flaunt what you really working with under those clothes ! Every year every women gets a chance to represent The Diva Kurves in their yearly calendar.
    (2018 Model search is open now BTW )
       Sometimes as a thick girl certain clothes don't flatter you , that's when it hits you, its time to update your wardrobe. Its up to you to find out what really works for you and represent your character plus what makes you happy , comfortable & extremely confident . Personally, I've never seen a plus size  boutique actually go against what society would say a "plus women should wear". Frankly , I'm the girl who rather wear a crop top than a real shirt 😂 And its refreshing knowing their is a plus line that matches my sassy personality like many spicy thick women in the plus industry. 
Awesome cuts in unexpected areas plus its fabric is form fitting 
its by far my favorite little black dress. 👐

    You either go all out or you die trying when it comes to planning and getting it right ! Between your model bag hair, make-up, photographer ,jewelry, nails, waxed appointment, & outfit also not just an outfit lingerie specifically. You are the leader of your ship and its up to you to bring it all to life for your month.
     Now for most women/models that's easy but for most "plus size" thick girls that isn't easy taking pictures in a hot outfit and showing "the gram" let alone a calendar. Or is it just me? Already my nerves are on high for actually making it to the  Top 10 .  Meaning it is solely on you,  to look great and actually like what you look like is another thing.  If you purchased the calendar or seen the other models everyone is beautiful and brought their A game.

The  awesome staff behind the calendar sends you ideas on how you should consider getting prepared  for your shoot including photographer's and suggestions to give you an idea of where to shop for lingerie.   Francie, the owner of Kurves Calendar,  gave her few key favorites like Hips & Curves. Hips & Curves is definitely top 3 for lingerie ,however, for me my outfit came from Yandy! A top bra lace piece with a pair bottom underwear which is the best black pair by far and a lace corset skirt to match. My thigh high black stocking are the best sturdy pair that doesn't roll from Torrid !! Yes, on the back of them they have a nice rubber material to stick at the top of the lace. And lastly my choker, a strappy harness with lace, also from Yandy,   paired with a all diamond choker to not take away from the lace choker.

The best thing I did  was to just focus on my shoot and vibe out.   I went to the mall estimate two hours earlier ; I did purchase a few items at a $50 budget and pow,  you get a whole face beat. I just didn't wanna stress make up last minute, plus  I had a blast at Kiko Milano. Purchased the lip stick & lip linear in case of a touch up crisis, new foundation, a foundation brush to match, and the much updated make-up remover bottle. On top of a gifted eye shadow pencil.  It stays on all day. 

Picking my photographer, I was pretty skeptical for my first shoot .  At the time, I wasn't sure what photographer to go with and where would my location be. From the suggestions,  I got to thinking and researched for a women photographer. I ended up on Groupon and found celebrate your sexy Boudoir Photography.CYS Boudoir is an all-female team of professional photographers, image consultants, and digital artists who desire to see a change in the way women see themselves. We are passionate about challenging societal pressures through the empowering platform of boudoir photography. Our mission is to make each and every experience truly exceptional.  

That's exactly what they did I had the best experience ever ! My photographer Amy traveled to New York just to shoot with me at the W Hotel in Time Square and I loved it.  We talked prior to the shoot about why I'm shooting & Celebrate your sexy campaign.  From the beginning,  our chemistry was amazing she help out with my leg straps 💓 which is the best. We was so in the vibe she actually suggested the table shoot I was down for what ever by this point. By the end of our shoot,  we shot about 100 different imagines and I loved them all !! This experience was more than what I needed. once we wrapped up she gave me a cute little gift bag with the next steps talking with a consultant. From that point,  I knew I was so gonna miss Amy (Gem: You could always request your photographer) Many loyal and trusted customers like mothers love working with them due to the high quality experience. Anything you need , they have plus you get a chance to shoot 3 to 4 outfits. They  have  many different packages that they  provide. Just ask they are willing to help with whatever range you have working (ask about a student package) they want to help better your experience. I waited about two weeks I received:
  • 80–90 images to choose from
  • Two 5”x7” mounted prints
  • Fully retouched digital files of the same images
  • $50 image credit
  • Mini gift bag

Once I got my cute celebrate your sexy flash drive , I uploaded everything and sent over my selected touch up photos to see which would get chosen. If you haven't entered yet,  give it a try, its a $25 dollar fee. If you could spend money on unnecessary stuff , you can gamble on yourself. Celebrate yourself because no one will do it for you.
link below to enter


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