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Monday, March 20, 2017

Kurves Night Tour

Kurves Night Tour kicked off this pass weekend in Atlanta, Georgia. With experts in the field of business, fashion, personal development and love. CEO of Diva Kurves Collection, Francie Maupin and her best friend Tashmere are the event coordinators. They are getting set to take on three more states Chicago, Miami and closing out in New York City.

                    The Atlanta event's guest speaker, Tammy Davis sat down with the audience to speak about her business methods with fellow entrepreneurs. CEO of Diva 4 Life Entertainment, symbol of confidence and owning your fierceness. She is also the face of Colour U Cosmetics and a brand ambassador for Fashion to Figure as well as content contributor for Kontrol Magazine. She supports and speaks out on encouraging and influencing women to be more empowered than they are now especially in the curvy community. During her time she spoke truthfully on her struggles that come with the plus size industry. If you're still yet to be amazed, special guest Crystal Daniels, founder and creative director of the Society of Harlow brand. She is no newbie when it comes to the fashion industry, she's been signed professionally with elite model management. Crystal believes that, "STYLE will never be limited by price tags. Size nor age!". She is currently focused on creating a fusion of music, fashion, beauty, and fitness. Can you say boss goals!? Sponsors for Kurvy Night tour Full Blossom Magazine even said, "Crystal's segment touched on key points on creating your own lane. She shared her remarkable story on how she took her professional education and applied it to her passion, being voted as Fashion Bomb Daily’s “Top 10 Atlanta Bloggers” in just one year. How inspiring is that!"

                    Other then taking down notes on how to be a boss, the Love segment was where a lot of questions were answered from a male's perspective. Gary Dennis an automotive consultant and broker from Atlanta, Chad Thompson an author and real estate investor, Jahaziel Howard a former NBA player, William Moore a NFL safety, and David Askew a personal trainer . They all joined to let the ladies know the male's perspective of love. Also to set the record straight on sex and relationships. "The ladies did not hold back, asking questions such as; why do men disappear? My personal favorite was, "Is sex that big of a deal in a relationship?" Each guy gave their spill on what sex and love meant to them. They were really open and left the ladies with some insight on how to deal with different relationships." 

Kurves night Miami's Guest speaker Tiran, slaying in clothing line House of Tinks will be at the event to give some advice as well as Troyia, Miss Plus Size Miami 2013. Now for New York's Kurves night, which I'm excited for(because I will be in attendance), the talented photographer Bruna Lacerda who shoots anyone who is someone will be attending the event. Plus Shay Rozay, a full figured model and entrepreneur will be apart of the tour to drop some true gems on success you don't want to miss.
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Special Guest for Miami

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