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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Kurvacious Boutique

Tis the season of the Kurvacious Boutique Competition. If your not familiar with Kurvacious Boutique, begin to get familiar with them especially my curvy models. This isn't a traditional pageant nor is this a regular ole fashion show. This is to find a all around, well rounded women who can dress and strut her fierceness .  Plus know how to communicate with  media outlets and be able represent  Kurvacious all year round.  "Through attrition we have  discovered that our online presence had strengthen tremendously through the  years and we have decided to switch our focus to the online piece of our business, with that being said "Kurvacious Models" was created.
Now that we are solely an online boutique we are searching for the "Face of Kurvacious" to represent our brand. Brand recognition is everything especially to a small business, therefore we have decided to actively search for that special diva that can represent Kurvacious through various media outlets such as  our print ads, our Kurvacious web boutique, and our runway shows."
August 19th will be the beginning of the Kurvacious competition, with a FREE All White event to celebrate the success of yet another year and the big announcement of who will be
Ms.. Photogenic. The top five ladies who surpass this week (from now to Saturday at midnight) will move on the final around and the winner of Ms. Photogenic will win the front cover of Queen Size Magazine. (Gem:Go vote for Ashley Nicole to get more Access on what happens next !!! 👄vote here )

August 20th will be the big day! Every women will come and strut their I am Kurvacious T-shirt, swim wear outfits, their creative kurvy style outfit and their klassy Oscar evening gear. Other than how awesome and fierce your walk is, the judges will be looking for."The Face of Kurvacious is for the diva who has kurves and is not ashamed of showing it. We are looking for the Kurvy, Klassy, & Konfident diva. We are emphasizing Kurves, Klass, and Konfidence because we hold these attributes to the highest standards when considering who will be the next Face of Kurvacious. An awesome representative of Kurvacious Boutique to date is 2016 Ebony Walker last years winner, (Gem: you can find her picture at the Lit workshop article) and Mrs.Detras Powell the CEO of Butterfly Rhythm (Gem: Butterfly Rhythm is a body positive organization that helps you develop your modeling career). If you would like to watch the show on August 20th,  purchase your ticket now and enter your favorite model (ASHLEY NICOLE). tickets here

Go vote for Ashley Nicole to get more Access on what happens next !!! 👄vote here

vote her for Ashley Nicole thank you !!

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