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Sunday, July 16, 2017


Usually I would drop all the juicy deets on a event... However this event was a                  
 "You should of been there moment ".Don't sleep on Christina Mendez, Frankie Tavares  & Coach Rob . If your familiar with any of the them you would know that they are best of buds on social media which grew into a fabulous balance of a friendship & business.

If you  keep up on Instagram, Live: Model 101 sessions with  Christina,  you definitely have been a part of the action. Christina gives great advice and information to her audience on: How to push forward everyday as model and more so as a women. Conversations including deep personal stories with a splash of Robs input in the comment section, periodically Frankie throwing her personal modeling experience in the mix (Gem: Which is a bonus). While every other women joins in on the conversation asking for advice or just actively furthering their research for their journey as a plus model.
Frankie, Rob, Christina
Frankie, Meaghan ,Rob, & Christina  
As of recent the Instagram Lives have been on pause to prepare for this meet and greet.  Between the three of them, they always give great advice to their audience. For any person it could get draining repeating the same information over and over so this event was a  MUST and definitely the best summer activity for their loyal Instagram followers. Other than the basic questions they always answer between lives and collaborations between other major company (GEM: Ashley Stewart Model 101 w. Christina Mendez video here ) they consistently drop gems. However at the Lit Workshop they push the envelope to provide for their people & gave away free tools to make money on your own, plus having the complete package of what you want to  know as an entrepreneur of your own boat. They all opened up with their personal journey on how they started and shared their secrets of staying consistent on social media  and more importantly understanding your worth when collaborating with others and any small or large business.

On top of gems and conversation they also had extreme giveaways throughout the day, plus the overload of a goodie bag.😍 The bag its self is the Fashion to Figure "fashion is a state of mind not  size range" Beach bag(Your everything bag). Inside contained everything like a Zipper Genie which is amazing, (GEM: Ashley Nicole using a zipper Genie here)Nail Polish, note pad, business cards with fabulous photographer's, discount codes to everything a person needs👀, Rob`s autographed picture, Pure CelebriTea, Skinnytees T-shirt (GEM: Ashley Nicole wearing Skinnytees t-shirt here) &  Bum Bum Cream.  Christina and stylist Meaghan shared how they meant on the scene of a photoshoot and how Christina Mendez wore Bum Bum Cream, the scent had Meaghan trying to figure out who smelled like the ocean breeze and from  the cream sealed a lifetime of friendship & business. (GEM:get you the Bum Bum Cream smells so good and absorbs the skin well).
Plussizemeplz CEO::Catherin Ashly &  FFFweek The Face Mallory B.

photo booth fun!

After the seminar,  we took the party up stair with selfies in the photo booth and just more  questions, sharing stories amongst familiar faces , networking & vibing; also  sharing up coming events (GEM: who is going to Plussizemeplz swim soiree?) it was just a blast and the best summer event thus far. Next time.. just don't sleep when they have something "Lit " going on.
Christina Mendez & Ashley Nicole  

Frankie Tavares & Ashley Nicole

Rob Robinson & Ashley Nicole

Rob`s Lovely wife.

THE Face of FFFweek Mallory B, Richardson

Photographer Ron James,more of his photos from the event here

Ashley Nicole & Davinnia Fonseca

FFFweek 2017 models Phylicia Rene / Kurvious The Face Ebony Walker

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