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Monday, October 30, 2017

Ashley Graham Meets Ashley Nicole :What Confidence, Beauty & Power Really Look Like

Education 101: Being smart means educating yourself and learning from your  mistakes plus understanding others.  Be a sponge and absorb the vibe and gems that are dropped to you by your elders, inspirations or role models. Ashley Graham jumped right in with her new book. She talks about her life but  you see the lessons  behind each life changing situation, from living the small life to jumping straight into living in the big city (NYC). Even though she is carrying a big responsibility living on her own at a young age in the Big Apple, she is still like all of us women who are still trying to figure it out.  Ashley`s Journey is totally relatable to the everyday women. 
"This is the generation of body diversity. We are sick of being told by
society, by the fashion industry, by Hollywood, that we are too thin, too fat, too flabby, too tall, too small. Being a women in the United States now almost definitely means hating at least a part of your body, if not all of it. As a women unafraid of celebrating my thick thighs in  public. I`ve made it my goal to help others embrace, even love themselves, stretch marks and all. My evolution into an activist for self-love was a gradual process. I trace the very beginnings of it to the start of my career, when I was surprised at how insecure most models acted. Big or small, it didn't matter. I noticed that so many of these women complained about their cellulite popping out of their arms looking big. It was honestly no different than when the tiny ,popular cheerleaders at my high school complained, "I'm so fat today."  Although its so commonplace for women to put themselves down, its also really uncomfortable to be around, if you hear it enough, you start to believe the things that person is telling herself- and even apply it to yourself".

I hear  the same statements everyday from different sizes women, from the skinniest girl to the thickest women. How come, we as women,  allow society to dictate what is beautiful'? Especially if every size women is complaining about the same subject. WHO is considered  beautiful ? What is this statement saying...we as woman want to look like a Rihanna, Beyoncé, Ashley Graham .....?? Well obviously they feel the same pressure from "society" like us regular unique folks.  Why can't we  live life by BEING fierce and doing as you feel fits you. "We will make the shift in fashion that needs to happen when many voices are heard. One name does not change an industry.it can make a dent, but to continue the change, we need more women speaking their minds and  presenting their diversity." 

"If you put a model who doesn't have much boob, butt or hips in the tiniest bra and underwear, she can still appear - I don't know - girl like, fashionable, artful, I guess. But take a voluptuous women like, me and put us in any type of lingerie . . . and we`re immediately thrust into the amazon category. The curves of our bodies. Everything is just out there in full view. 

When writing this piece, I wanted to write about go the book signing itself. Instead I binged read on the beach and I must  say this was a summer fave. The book itself made me truly understand its deeper then her life experience and what she went through as a model but to help bring all women together and change the way we view each other in society starting with us women. First by loving yourself  then provide love for the peers around you, and lastly as a curvy women don't allow society to treat you like a second class citizen, once that clicks, there is no stopping you and the curvy girl movement.
"As a curvy girl you get the feeling that in the world of fashion, you're a second class citizen.

"The ad through ,had been banned from running during prime time viewing hours by both ABC and FOX , which is why the post had done a story in which I was quoted saying, "I was very surprised .[ABC] cant handle bigger on TV, bigger boobs on a normal- sized woman on TV ." The networks Had a different story. The reason they provided for banning the ad was that the commercial was too risqué. Sure, it was full of innuendo (ahem, "lunch")but within the context of television contemporary landscape, my Lane Bryant spot was pretty harmless, if not kind of cute .So what was really going on here? What were those networks really reacting to? The "girls" (aka my boobs). Nobody ever told me this directly, but it become obvious to me in the minds of network executives, a size 16-18 woman in lingerie was just too much to show during family hour. As I told the post, Victoria`s Secret had ads featuring its angels in much skimpier lingerie and inn much more compromising positions all over prime time, so it was my shape that made  me overtly "sexual". Nobody told me this was true; I was just going off my own experience as a woman. when I went through puberty and got  curves, I immediately attracted men attention. And the bigger the curves got, the more attention I got. "

- xoxo No Angel 👄

"I am No Angel" Lane Bryant 

Most people know about Ashley is the first plus size beauty to hit the cover of Sports Illustration and knowing she is a small town girl who moved quickly into the city alone. Or even that she was discovered at the mall and has always been modeling. But what makes her truly relatable are the personal experiences, the emotional trails in her journey.
(which makes any strong woman).
10 Thing you may NOT Know.....
  1. Love wasn't always easy for Ashley  ....
  2. She was in a relationship that wasn't healthy and had to learn how to see the difference between what is right for Ashley vs. what's comfortable for others.
  3. Do  you remember JLO collection Back in the day...?? Well don't forget Ashley Graham modeled for JLO's Collection, too!
  4. This Year a controversial topic was Ashley on the cover of vogue magazine with other successful models today. However did you know she was turned down from vogue Italia cover shoot before?
  5. Ashley had a roommate who modeled as well, and they partied and got their way with many interesting things, especially around men. Plus they tired some drugs together and got into a bit of trouble.
  6. once Ashley Began taking matters into her own hands when it came to booking jobs, she realized she was respected more and a lot more things started to occur once she realized she doesn't have to rely on an agent to get the job done. she was no longer just a pretty girl but a business women. And that when her career really took off.
  7. Ashley graham collection reached more than 1.6 million in sales by 2016, it was up to nearly 4.6 million.
  8. before a shoot Ashley will get a facial and a colonic for a flat tummy effect .
  9. Everyone knows Ashley is Happily married with her long time husband Justin .However it wasn't necessarily love at first sight, it took much conversations, God, understanding each other truly, and patience which lead to steamy love.  
  10. On a off day for fun Justin & Ashley like to shoot together, he as the photographer and she of course is  his model.  #RelationshipGoals 
Captured by Husband Justin 

Tips and Tricks from Ashley Graham herself, on how to unlock having a viral photoshoot and get that "IT" picture.

Ashley Graham Unlocks the Gems

  • How to photograph like a model: I cant promise you instant fame and fortune, but I can help you feel your best about snapshots and selfies. Here are some tricks that's always work for me.
  • Start with some positive self-talk: Before you pose for a photo, take a second to remind yourself that you are beautiful, your body is beautiful, and that confidence makes everyone glow.
  • Know your best angles: everyone`s are different. Full length mirrors are your friend.
  • Practice natural facial expressions: While doing your makeup
  • Always Push Yours Shoulders down: Most women hold their stress in their shoulders, and keeping them high can make your neck look short in a photo.
  • Know your go- to smile : for a quick candid pic (from your friend, the full- length mirror)
  • If you want to create a waist: Put your hands around the smallest part of your torso and then move your fingers slightly towards the center of your belly to create an hourglass effect. If you're shaped like a V, wider at the top and thinner legs, then fake a waist. Put your hands somewhere on your torso that feels natural and comfortable  and then move your hand towards your navel slightly, but not all the way, to create the illusion of a waist. Try it in front of a mirror until you get comfortable with what looks and feel natural.   
    swimsuits for all collaboration with Ashley Graham 
    took Ashley`s Advice 
swimsuits for all collaboration with Ashley Graham 

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