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Sunday, May 28, 2017


Let me start by saying GWYNNIE BEE is the REAL DEAL !

Have you ever heard someone say "I only wear my outfit once", and you just give them that stare like girl bye with a eye roll wondering how is that even possible.  You just begin to think about those pair of jeans, legging that you probably break out once ever other week you begin to imagine your closet and how much money you spent on clothes and you still say " I have nothing to wear". Between social media and having Instagram and Facebook everyone in the world has seen your latest outfit and let society see you rock something twice;  you feel the vibe of people talking crap  about you behind your back. (wearing an outfit twice is really something you should die about ). 

However,  that's only because you haven't  discover the secret gem of retuning and swamping out your wardrobe. Yup you heard me right, just like the original Netflix when you paid a monthly fee to rent movies out for as long as you like, then send it back to get the next three movies you wanted to see. This is the same concept however you would KEEP  what you like and sent back what you don't like.  For example,  your sent for  a Julian Taylor dress and your have a Girls Trip coming up, Nothing will beat the material & quality of any Gwenibee gear.  You can rock your  Garden party dress and return it for another fab Gwynnie Bee  exclusive. Now you  don't have to feel bad about splurging on clothes that you wont wear again,  you just recycled it for something new and fresh that you may keep. But don't forget to flaunt and take your selfies before returning them.

Full Figured Fashion Week is coming you need a white dress but you just don't wear white . Well that's what's Gwynnie Bee is for those special moments.  The site is helpful to search those specific request like the color white. Versus spending countless hours going to different malls and outlets to find the right dress.  Lets not leave out those fraud and fake retail websites.  Its mid-2017 lets move past those. 👀

Meaghan O'Connor stylist of model Christina Mendez , Tess Holliday, Adrienne Moore from Orange is the new Black.  She styled many fashion inspirations for those magazines you like to glimpse at, you name a cover she most  likely styled someone on it.

Meghan in Yellow Styling Client

Meaghan and Gwynnie  Bee teamed up and gave women the opportunity  to understand Gwenibee system , by getting the chance to sign up 30 day free trail for your outfits. Plus for the members to luxuriate more during the pop up, and sip some Champagne. From make overs to free hair styling from Blo Dry Bar you couldn't ask for more. Megan's awesome style consultant stayed hands on with ever lady that walked in and attend the needs per personality and body types, however I must say proof is in the pudding from sizes 10 to 32 ever women is able to rock the same outfit and all look beautiful in their size. (Talk about TWINING)  if your ready to be the total fashion- ista sign up here and enjoy your first 30 days free & pick a package best for your needs. ✌

Style team Tasheema

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